Aubert (Biographical details)

Aubert (publisher/printer; French; 1829; - ; 1847; fl.;)

Also known as

Aubert, Gabriel; Maison Aubert; Aubert; Veuve Aubert; Bureau de la Caricature; Aubert & Cie


Galérie Véro-Dodat, Paris (1829-41) Place de la Bourse (from 1841) including 29 Place de la Bourse (circa 1843, 1848) Galerie Colbert (second shop from 1835)


Full title 'La maison Aubert', French publisher of prints, specialising in satires. Founded in 1829 by Charles Philipon (who was always the brains of the enterprise) and his brother-in-law Gabriel Aubert (who ran the shop), a notary who had bankrupted himself. First established as the Magasin des Caricatures in the Passage Véro-Dodat in 1829 (which moved to the Place de la Bourse in 1841) and a second shop in the Galerie Colbert in 1835. About the same time established its own lithographic printing press (see Aubert et Cie). Gabriel Aubert died 1847. In 1850, some prints bear the name of his widow.


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