John Bagford (Biographical details)

John Bagford (publisher/printer; collector; British; Male; 1650 - 1716)

Also known as

Bagford, John


Printer, historian and collector. Compiled vast materials for an unfinished 'Historical Account of the Art of Typography', which were purchased at his death by Edward Harley, Earl of Oxford. They are now in BL Harley 5892 to 5998; see the published Harleian catalogues and Wolf (above).
Exactly 1,022 prints have been extracted over the years and transferred to P&D. The largest group was transferred in 1814 and is in the registers under Gg 4.A to W (each letter of the alphabet corresponding to a different number); each part then had its own sub-numbers (for the master list see Pp 6.36). A further 251 prints transferred in 1900 have the numbers 1900,1019.1 to 251.
Most of these prints have written in pen and ink on the recto or on the verso a large B, which was added in 1814 when the prints were extracted from the Library and transferred to P&D (now Lugt 4639).


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