William Beckford (Biographical details)

William Beckford (author/poet; collector; British; Male; 1760 - 1844)

Also known as

Beckford, William Thomas; Beckford, William


Fonthill, Wiltshire


Author of 'Vathek'; builder of Fonthill Abbey; the great collector and patron.
The Beckford Archive is in the Bodleian Library, Oxford.
Large numbers of prints were purchased from his collection by the BM through William Smith in two parts: see 1848,1125.1 to 562, and 1849,0512.1 to 942. Much of his collection was acquired by his son-in-law, the 10th Duke of Hamilton (q.v.), and was sold in the Hamilton Palace Sale of 1882.


'William Beckford, 1760-1844 : an eye for the magnificent' ed. Derek E. Ostergard, catalogue of the exhibition at the Bard Center and V&A, 2001