Jacob Binck (Biographical details)

Jacob Binck (sculptor/medallist; printmaker; painter/draughtsman; German; Male; 1494/1500 - 1569)

Also known as

Binck, Jacob; Bink, Jacob


Painter, engraver and medallist. Cologne c. 1500-Königsberg 1569. Thought to have trained in Nuremberg because he made may copies of prints after the Beham brothers, but this cannot be firmly established. He was working in the Netherlands by 1528, and was strongly influenced by the Flemish masters, especially the engraver Allaert Claesz (q.v). There he engraved several portraits. In 1531 Binck was made court painter to Christian III of Denmark, whose engraved portrait he executed in 1535. He worked briefly in Sweden on a royal commission, the portrait of King Gustav Vasa; and moved to Königsberg in 1543, summoned by Duke Albrecht of Prussia where he remained until February 1548, when he returned to the Danish court. He later visited Saxony and Antwerp, and after 1553 he seems to have lived mainly in Königsberg where he died in 1569. He produced distinguished medals of his royal and ducal patrons. Many of his prints are copied after other masters, but he nonetheless produced some some original work. Often wrongly identified with the Italian Monogrammist HCB (qv).


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