Vicente Carducho (Biographical details)

Vicente Carducho (painter/draughtsman; author/poet; Spanish; Male; 1576/78 - 1638)

Also known as

Carducho, Vicente; Carducci, Vicencio


Painter and writer, born Florence and traveled to Spain (the Escorial) with his brother Bartolomé (q.v.) in 1585. Ran an important studio in Madrid where many artists were taught. Collaborated with Eugenio Cajés (q.v) on a number of commissions in and around Madrid and as far afield as Guadalupe (Hieronymite Monastery). The most important commission of his career came in 1626 for 56 paintings for the Carthusian Monstery of El Paular, near Segovia, that cemented his reputation. Painted two works for the Halls of Realms in the Buen Retiro, Madrid (1634). Wrote a treatise 'Diálogos de la Pintura' ('Dialogues on Painting', 1633) that comprises eight dialogues in which the master, a spokesperson for Carducho's own views discusses with this disciple the virtues and practice of painting. Died Madrid.


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