Casa Buonarroti (Biographical details)

Casa Buonarroti (institution/organisation; Italian)

Also known as

Casa Buonarroti


Buonarroti family house developed as a memorial to Michelangelo during the 17th century with an important collection of his works, library and archive. In the context of the BM's collection it mainly concerns the 1859 purchase of Michelangelo drawings, sculptural models and letters (the latter now in the British Library) from the Casa Buonarroti by Charles and Lady Eastlake. It was the artist's descendant and namesake Michelangelo (1805-1860) who took these works from his family's collection.

A Casa Buonarroti provenance is mentioned for other drawings that were bought or donated to the collection, however details as to when or how these works left the archive is usually unclear with the exception of the two diagrams of stone blocks that came to the BM in 1993 that were given as gifts by Cosimo Buonarroti. It was on the death of the latter that the remaining part of the archive was formally established as the Casa Buonarroti in the family house in the Via Ghibellina.


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