Eliza Cruikshank (Biographical details)

Eliza Cruikshank (British; Female; 1807 - 1890)

Also known as

Cruikshank, Eliza; Widdison, Eliza


Second wife of George Cruikshank (q.v.), who bequeathed her husband's work to the BM in 1890 (by a codicil to her will established on 4 August 1884). A parallel bequest was made to the V&A, which has some 4,000 works from it. See Colvin's report dated 7 October 1891.
The entire bequest - consisting of 4260 etchings and 4065 drawings by Cruikshank and 2637 prints by other artists - was registered as 1891,1116.179, but at the time no list was made. Much of it was subsequently included in the 'U' register as 1974,U.1-2664, 1975,U.1-278 and 1079-1570, with a few further items being in the 1978,U register. 1891,1116.179 is entered as Add.ID for prints. Drawings from the bequest are given register numbers beginning 1891,1117. followed by the number in Binyon's catalogue of British drawings in the British Museum (p.283 onwards).