Giulio Romano (Biographical details)

Giulio Romano (painter/draughtsman; Italian; Male; 1499 - 1546)

Also known as

Giulio Romano; Giannuzzi, Giulio; Pippi, Giulio; Romano, Giulio


Painter, draughtsman and architect. Giulio Pippi, b. Rome c. 1499, d. Mantua, 1 Nov. 1546. From 1515 assistant to Raphael in Rome till the latter's death in April 1520. Then continued studio until departure as court painter in Mantua in 1524. He was involved in the painting of the Stanza dell'Incendio, the Psyche loggia in the Farnesina (1518), the 'Holy Family of Francis I' and the 'Logge' (finished 1519). Between 1520 and 1524 he painted 'inter alia' the Sala di Costantino, and the Monteluce 'Coronation' [Vatican Pinacoteca), both in collaboration with G. F. Penni; and the 'Stoning of S. Stephen' (S. Stefano, Genoa) and the high altarpiece of S. Maria dell'Anima, Rome. From Oct. 1524 he was court artist at Mantua. His surviving work there includes the building and decoration of the Palazzo del Te (c. 1526-35), the reconstruction and decoration of parts of the Palazzo Ducale (1536-9), the rebuilding of the Cathedral (begun 1545) and the designing of his own house (early 1540's).


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