Georg Ernst Harzen (Biographical details)

Georg Ernst Harzen (dealer/auction house; collector; German; Male; 1790 - 1863)

Also known as

Harzen, Georg Ernst; Harzen, Ernst


Art dealer and avid art collector; moved to Hamburg in 1822 and upon his death in 1863, left his collection of about 30,000 prints to the city of Hamburg; as his testament contained a clause, which asked for the housing of the collection within a museum context, it formed part of the core-collection of the Kunsthalle Hamburg Kupferstichkabinett, which was opened six years later. In 1849 and 1851 Harzen presented or sold a large number of German etchings to the British Museum, including a few amateur plates he had made himself.


Wolf Stubbe in 'Hundert Meisterzeichnungen aus der Hamburger Kunsthalle 1500-1800', 1967