Pieter van Laer (Biographical details)

Pieter van Laer (printmaker; painter/draughtsman; Italian; Dutch; Male; 1599 - 1642?)

Also known as

Laer, Pieter van; Laar, Pieter van; Bamboccio; Bamboche; Bamboots; de Laer, Peter; Bodding, Pieter; Bodding, van Laer, Pieter


Dutch painter and etcher, born and trained Haarlem, in Rome from about 1625 to about 1638 when he returned to Holland. In 1642 left Holland for Rome and was never heard of again. The son of Jacob Claesz Boddingh, although he never used his father's name. The name van Laer was probably taken from his brother's godfather. One of his pupils is Thomas Wyck (q.v.). Brother of Roedolf van Laer (q.v.).


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