Margret Marks (Biographical details)

Margret Marks (painter/draughtsman; ceramicist/glass worker/potter; German; British; Female; 1899 - 1990)

Also known as

Marks, Margret; Marks, Grete; Heymann, Margarete; Loebenstein, Margarete


Potter and artist. Born in Cologne, died in London. She studied in Cologne and at the Bauhaus in Weimar. In 1923 she established and ran the Haël Werkstätten für Kunstlerische Keramik with her first husband Gustav Loebenstein. After his death she ran the factory alone, until 1934 when it was closed down by the Nazis. In 1936, she moved to England, where she designed for Minton & Co. In 1938 she set up Grete Pottery. In this year she married Harold Marks (q.v). In 1945, Margret moved to London with her husband, where she continued to paint and make pottery.


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