Bernardino Passeri (Biographical details)

Bernardino Passeri (printmaker; painter/draughtsman; Italian; Male; 1577 - 1585; fl.)

Also known as

Passeri, Bernardino; Passari, Bernardino; Passaro, Bernardo; Passerus, Bernardus


Painter, designer, engraver and print publisher. Active in Rome. He is described as 'romanus pictor' in a document of 1583 (Masetti Zannini) and as an engraver in Vaccari's 1614 stocklist (Ehrle). He designed for prints, as for the 50 plates of the life of St Benedict engraved by Aliprando Caprioli and published in Rome, probably in 1579 (Mortimer). He also executed plates himself, as in the 1583 financing agreement with the Fleming Anastasius Ariges to produce 35 religious prints (Masetti Zannini). He published an engraving by Gijsbert van Veen in 1585 (Hollstein 1).


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