Antonio Tempesta (Biographical details)

Antonio Tempesta (printmaker; painter/draughtsman; Italian; Male; 1555? - 1630)

Also known as

Tempesta, Antonio


Painter, draughtsman and etcher from Florence. Pupil of Stradanus. Active in Rome from c.1580. His first dated prints are of 1589. In 1593 he applied for and was granted a papal privilege to cover his map of Rome and other work (Leuschner). On the whole his prints were after his own compositions. He published many of his plates himself; he also had work published by Orlandi, Van Aelst, Andrea Vaccari, Panzera, Capranica, Statius, among others.
Produced numerous print series of battles and of hunts, which were intensively copied and adapted.


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