Dr S Munro-Hay (Biographical details)

Dr S Munro-Hay (academic/intellectual; British; Male; 1947 - 14 October 2004)

Also known as

Munro-Hay, Stuart Christopher; McIlwrath, Stuart Christopher H


A scholar of Ethiopia and Southern Arabia, specialising in the numismatic history of those regions. Born in Northern Ireland but took his mother's surname following the separation of his parents. Worked in the British Museum. Studied Egyptology at the University of Liverpool (1970-74); later joined the British Institute in Eastern Africa excavations at Aksum, conducted by Dr Neville Chittick, first as a site supervisor and later as Assistant Director. Pursued his Aksumite interests for a doctorate at SOAS and entitled 'A Reappraisal of the History and Development of the Aksumite State from Numismatic and Archaeological Evidence' (1978). During this time he began to develop a large personal collection of Aksumite coins, which he partly published under the title 'The Coinage of Aksum' (New Delhi 1986); he later revised this as 'Coinage of Arabia Felix: the pre-Islamic Coinage of the Yemen' (Milan, Nomismata 5; 2003). In 1989 he published the results of the late Neville Chittick's excavations at Aksum, in a volume simply entitled 'Excavations at Aksum' (BIEA). Two years later he produced a very thorough synthesis, 'Aksum, an African Civilisation of Late Antiquity' (Edinburgh University Press). He died in Thailand on 14 October 2004.


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