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A well-known ushnu site, Vilcashuaman was a major Inca administrative centre on the main Inca road running along the Andes mountain chain and down to the coast.


The major ushnu platform, which has been extensively restored comprises four superimposed platforms with a staircase of 36 steps on its eastern side, which, through a gateway, allows access to the top. The staircase is built up against the structure, abutting it. The top platform on its west side has a ramp allowing access to the platform below. On top the platform has a large monolithic seat carved to accommodate two people.

On its eastern side two squarish structures are built up close to the bottom platform; beyond this are the remains of a large kallanka or great hall and it is likely there was a second one of these across an open space. Slightly further to the west is the town's cemetery.

To the east and north-east is the main colonial plaza and to the north-east are extensive elaborate Inca remains including what have been identified as the footings of the local temples of the sun and moon. The fields surrounding the town are extensively dedicated to growing maize, barley and oats.

Research focus at Vilcashuaman

Image captions:

1-2. Views of the remains at Vilcashuaman