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Three carved stone channels on the top tier project over the side of the platform. This suggests the draining of liquids and is of considerable significance considering the frequent references in literature to the use of this type of platform with a ritual of pouring drinks as an offering to the sun god.


This is a two tier platform, with the top level measuring 17.22m x 9.19m and the lower level 23.17m x 14.0m. The upper level is built of mid grey andesite incorporating white andesite stones which are arranged in a manner which suggests they may have formed a figurative pattern. The lower tier had some limited indications for the use of stone brackets (corbels) along the top. It has a small staircase with six steps centrally placed along its narrow north face. The nature of the stonework and shape of the structure indicate it dates to the Late Horizon and is in the Inca cultural tradition.

An unimpeded distant horizon is visible along the eastern and western horizon profiles, whereas the rising ground to the south and north gives a more restricted view in these directions.

A single test pit measuring 2m x 2m was excavated in the southwest corner of the top tier of the platform, exposing interior walls, which were built straight onto the underlying grey andesite bedrock.

Research focus at Kunuquarqo

Image captions:

1. Views of the remains at Kunuquarqo
2-3 Artefacts found at the site
4-6. Views of the remains at Kunuquarqo
7-17. Sequence of images showing the view from the platform