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Incapirca Waminan

This ushnu is located on a rounded mountaintop on the altiplano near the city of Ayacucho and offers a remarkable view of major mountain peaks and ranges such as Uripe, Condoray, Qarawarasu and Rasuwillca.

The ushnu here is situated on the summit of the mountain and comprises three superimposed platforms. The basal one is little more than a rectangular outline of rocks, barely a single rock in height but measuring 32.7m by 18.5m. The second platform consists of a single faced wall, measuring 24.5 m by 11.4m.

The third and final platform is contained within a double-faced wall, and measures 22.8m in length by 9.6m in width. The walls are built out of grey andesite which appears to have been quarried nearby.

Research focus at Incapirca Waminan

Image captions:


1. A view of the platform at Incapirca Waminan
2-9. The view from the top of the Incapirca Waminan platform