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The site of Condormarca, thought to be named after the now damaged condor carved into a nearby rock face, is located on the southern margin of the village of Huamanguilla, the first Spanish capital of the department of Ayacucho.


The ushnu is located on a hill and spur rising up from the valley floor on the eastern side of the Ayacucho basin. The site was extensively damaged in the 1980s after people displaced by internal political unrest reused the ancient stone to rebuild their houses.

Descriptions indicate that the north east (the higher side) of the site was made up of a plaza with two great halls or kallanka on the north and south sides and two more square structures at the south-western end. Locals say a relatively late colonial or republican cemetery was located in this part of the site.

Research focus at Condormarca

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1-2. Views of the remains at Condormarca