Naukratis: Greeks in Egypt

Alexandra Villing, Marianne Bergeron, Giorgos Bourogiannis, Alan Johnston, François Leclère, Aurélia Masson and Ross Thomas

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Three fragments of limestone column-necking.  Fragments, restored and rejoined, of necking of column, which swells slightly towards the top. Lotos-blossoms with arching petals, and below these, arching tendrils; in the arcading, lotos-buds with joined stems. Above is a smooth astragal; at the top, a rebate for the cap. At the bottom, the top of the flutings, which terminate in a flat raised border.  Restored with fragment 1886,4-1.29.


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Department: Greek & Roman Antiquities

Registration number: 1886,0401.14

Greek and Roman Antiquities catalogue number: Sculpture B392

Additional IDs

Bibliographic reference
Villing et al 2013-2015 AA.04 (Phase 3)
Sculpture B392
Koenigs 2007 p. 314-5, pl. 2,4,5, 11, cat. no. 2, 3
Petrie 1886 pl. III

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Object types
column (all objects)

limestone (scope note | all objects)
painted (scope note | all objects)
Production place
Made in Egypt (?) (scope note | all objects)
Place (findspot)
Excavated/Findspot First Temple of Apollo (all objects)
(Africa,Egypt,Lower Egypt,Nile Delta,Kom Geif,Naukratis,Sanctuary of Apollo,First Temple of Apollo)
575BC - 560BC
Archaic Greek (scope note | all objects)

Joined Object(s)
1886,0401.24-26, Sculpture B393; column
1886,0401.29, Sculpture B393; column

Fragment of a limestone column drum with 25 shallow flutings. The flutings feature a few slight drag marks that deepen towards the centre. The upper and under surface are even and without traces of tools, however the ridges are strongly rubbed. The light limestone fragments shows traces of paint on the surface.

Height: 10.7 centimetres (max)
Diameter: 45.3 centimetres
Height: 32 centimetres (as restored)
Diameter: 49 centimetres (as restored)

Curator's comments
The diameter corresponds to the reconstructed diameter of the column above the base B391 and is smaller than the diameter of B396 and B397 because of the lack of leaf wreaths. The uneven number of fluting is unusual. Published (Petrie 1886, 12 par. 16; Koenigs 2007, 314 Cat. 2;         Smith 1892, no. 100). Joined to restored fragments 1886,4-1.24-26.3.

plant (all objects)

Acquisition date

Acquisition name
Donated by Egypt Exploration Fund (biographical details | all objects)
Excavated by Egypt Exploration Fund (biographical details | all objects)

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5 of 18310