The Ramesseum Papyri

R. B. Parkinson

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The catalogue (continued)

(22) P. Ramesseum 17 (EA 10770)

Fragments of a roll for protection at the turn of the year, mounted in five frames.

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P. Ramesseum 18 (EA 10771)

See P. Ramesseum C.

(23) P. Ramesseum 19 (EA 10772)

Fragments of a roll of magical/religious texts, mounted in three frames, previously unnumbered as a P. Ramesseum but now identified as mostly parts of a single manuscript.

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(24) The 'Ramesseum Wisdom Fragment'

A fragment of a roll, mounted as part of P. Ramesseum 1 (EA 10754.D).

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Appendix. P. Berlin 10131

Six fragments mounted in a similar manner to the Ramesseum papyri
(see The modern history of the papyri).

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