The Ramesseum Papyri

R. B. Parkinson

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(1) P. Ramesseum A (P. Berlin 10499)

A roll containing The Tale of the Eloquent Peasant on the recto and The Tale of Sinuhe on the verso, mounted in eight frames. It is now in the Ägyptisches Museum und Papyrussammlung, Berlin.

Lines Frames
Rto 1.1–7 P 10499.A rto
Rto 2.1–7 P 10499.A rto
Rto 3.1–7 P 10499.A rto
Rto 4.1–7 P 10499.B rto
Rto 5.1–6 P 10499.B rto
Rto 6.1–7 P 10499.B rto
Rto 7.1–7 P 10499.B–C rto
Rto 8.1–8 P 10499.C rto
Rto 9.1–7 P 10499.C rto
Rto 10.1–7 P 10499.C rto
Rto 11.1–7 P 10499.D rto
Rto 12.1–8 P 10499.D rto
Rto 13.1–8 P 10499.D rto
Rto 13.9–10 P 10499.E rto
Rto 14.1–7 P 10499.E rto
Rto 15.1–7 P 10499.E rto
Rto 16.1–8 P 10499.E rto
Rto 17.1–7 P 10499.F rto
Rto 18.1–7 P 10499.F rto
Rto 19.1–7 P 10499.F rto
Rto 20.1–7 P 10499.F rto
[Pages 21–22 completely lost]
Rto 23.1–7 P 10499.G rto
Rto 24.1–7 P 10499.G rto
Rto 25.1–8 P 10499.G rto
Rto 26.1–8 P 10499.G rto
Rto 27.1–8 P 10499.G rto
[Pages 28–29 completely lost]
Rto 30.1–7 P 10499.H rto
Rto 31.1–8 P 10499.H rto
Vso 1–6 P 10499.A vso
Vso 7–12 P 10499.A vso
Vso 13–18 P 10499.B vso
Vso 19–24 P 10499.B vso
Vso 25–36 P 10499.B–C vso
Vso 37–42 P 10499.C vso
Vso 43–48 P 10499.C–D vso
Vso 49–54 P 10499.D vso
Vso 55–60 P 10499.D vso
Vso 61–66 P 10499.D vso
Vso 67–72 P 10499.E vso
Vso 73–78 P 10499.E vso
Vso 79–85 P 10499.E vso
Vso 86–91 P 10499.F vso
Vso 92–97 P 10499.F vso
Vso 98–104 P 10499.F vso
Vso 105–111 P 10499.F vso
Vso 112–118 P 10499.F vso
[Vso 119–132 completely lost] 
Vso 133–139 P 10499.G vso
Vso 140–147 P 10499.G vso
Vso 148–155 P 10499.G vso
Vso 156–163 P 10499.G vso
Vso 164–171 P 10499.G vso
[Vso 172–187 completely lost]
Vso 188–195 P 10499.H vso
Vso 196–203 P 10499.H vso