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water-jar / hydria

Gnathian pottery hydria (water-jar) in black-glaze with white and yellow painted decoration applied over the glaze; wheel-made; ovoid fluted body on a tall foot; narrow concave neck with overhanging lip decorated with egg-and-dark motif; pair of opposing handles imitating twisted metal at the shoulder; added painted decoration applied over the black glaze: a frieze of floral devices around the body of the vase just below the handles and on the neck; around the shoulder is a figural frieze: a satyr kneels to the left in front of a woman facing him holding a fan, behind him is a second woman in a long robe holding a large casket; on the left of the main composition is an altar on top of which is a column, while left again is a woman on a throne with a schematic tree behind; on the right of the central scene is a draped woman sitting on a stool, behind whom is a similar tree.


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