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Animal-shaped vessel in Drab Polished ware, possibly representing a stag; hand-made; large barrel-shaped body on four legs with circular section; the toes on the one surviving foot are show as three parallel incisions; short stumpy tail, the end of which is broken away; at the front end are a pair of cutaway spouts with a double-pierced string-hole at the top of each; two small bosses on the front of each spout; at the base of the spouts the mouth and head of the animal is shown, proportionately much smaller than the body; two intertwining handles from the front of the body to the base of the spouts (the base of one is broken); made of coarse, heavy buff clay with a drab polished slip; the body of the vase is decorated with parallel and zig-zag incisions; relief bands around the body and front; surface cracked and worn away in places.


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