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oinochoe / jug

Large Bichrome Red II pottery jug or oinochoe; wheel-made; spherical body with low ring base; tall neck tapering inwards towards a narrow trefoil spout; two-ribbed handle extending from shoulder to mouth;  pale buff clay covered in a thick red, polished slip and decorated with elaborate black and red decoration: two broad bands of fine concentric lines arranged vertically on either side of the handle and spout intersecting with a single horizontal band at the shoulder; the vertical bands frame a central bulls-eye motif of three lines surrounded by seventeen smaller groups of concentric circles; below the spout is a lotus flower motif painted in white flanked by two groups of concentric circles, below is a large composition of concentric lines in the centre of which is a floral motif of narrow petals in white paint; on opposite side below the handle is a T-shaped motif of small concentric circles; bands of white dots on a black background at the junction of shoulder and neck; narrow band of black and white chequer board pattern below spout; horizontal and vertical strokes on the base which appear to be painted on, possibly an inscription; paint worn in various places, sometimes down to the fabric.


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