Ancient Cyprus in the British Museum

Edited by Thomas Kiely

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Terracotta figurine of female and child in Base Ring fabric; handmade hollow body made of three separate parts (head and neck, torso and legs) joined together; flattened beak-shaped nose; pellet eyes surrounded by ring of clay; thin tubular neck with three parallel incisions, possibly representing a necklace; wide double-perforated ears, left one missing, right one broken off at the stumps; triangular torso with shaved or burnished surface and single, applied breast on left side; diagonal incision across chest above breast; thin, arched arms and hands with incised fingers; small figure with beaked reptilian face and large arms; broad hips and thighs tapering to more slender lower leg and ankle, also showing signs of burnishing; protruding foot with flattened sole; pelvic area defined by diagonal incisions flanked by parallel lines; ear, eye and leg on left hand side of the figurine missing; buff-pink clay with grey core; thin slip, pock-marked in many areas, especially on the back.


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