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Terracotta figure of warrior carrying shield under left arm; hollow, cylindrical, wheel-made body splaying towards the bottom; handmade arm and shield; broad shoulders; right arm (originally raised to judge by the surviving stump) and head missing; no legs but these may have been added separately under the skirt-like lower body; shield is held close to the body by the surviving arm and hangs from the shoulder by a simple strap; a strip of clay on the underside may represent the handgrip; coarse buff clay with numerous inclusions with a grey core; shield is decorated with a white undercoat with a solid band of red paint and a line of black dots around the outer edge; single black dot in the centre; traces of red paint on front and back of upper body; underside of shield strap preserves traces of red paint which originally extended all over; the surviving arm of the figure painted with intersecting horizontal and vertical bands of black paint.


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