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Issue 8: December 2007


This issue features an updated index of onomastica, along with a re-interpretation of architecture found during British Museum excavations at el-Ashmunein in 1982.

Readers may have noticed that the first tranche of data from the British Museum’s collection database has been published online: Collections Online. At present, this is restricted to two-dimensional pictorial art, but there is still material of relevance to Egypt and Sudan, including ancient tomb-paintings but also prints and drawings from more recent eras. The remainder of material from prehistoric, pharaonic, Graeco-Roman and Byzantine Egypt will be made available in Spring 2008, along with Sudanese material from the same date range.

Neal Spencer


Index zu Michelle Thirion, 'Notes d'onomastique. Contribution à une révision du Ranke PN', 1-14e série
Burkhard Backes and Guido Dresbach

The possible existence of Third Intermediate Period elite tombs at el-Ashmunein
A.J. Spencer