Treatment date
23 July 2002

Reason for treatment
Permanent Exhibition

Treatment proposal
Clean to remove surface dirt, grease or tarnish.

None given. Card has old number 1939, 1010.4a (now 5 and 5a) No req.

Treatment details
1. Gold inlays put in instead of garnets. (Not clear exactly where.) 2. One missing stone replaced with an unpolished one. 3. Some gold plates let in (not clear exactly where). [Schematic diagram of shoulder clasp with various arrows 1,2,3. Diagrams available in envelope containg old work cards in dept. filing system] Batten adds the comment 'all stones and glass inlay are undercut and gold leaf turned up round edge'. [Small diagram illustrates this.] Work by S Davison Nov - Dec 1971 Old lacquer removed from shoulder clasp with swabs of cotton wool soaked in acetone and with woodedn applicator sticks. Gold and garnets polished with tissues. Left unlacquered. There is a danger of the garnets slipping into the bottom of their cells during this cleaning process. The large garnet forming the back of one of the bears on the half of the clasp holding the pin slipped. Itried to raise it by (1) attaching 2 lengths of applicator stick to the garnet with water soluble seccotine and pulling these when the adhesive was dry. However the seccitine was brittle, and the sticks merely became detached. (2) as above, using nitrocellulose, HMG adhesive (soluble in acetone). The adhesive had more strength than the seccotine, but still the garnet could not be raised. Referred to research Lab. Object renumbered and lacquered over with 'frigilene'. (Acetone soluble)