Treatment date
4 February 1980

Reason for treatment
Permanent Exhibition

Treatment proposal
Req 7131 clean

1980, Req 7131 Lacquered and tarnished.

Treatment details
1980, Req 7131 Old lacquer removed using acetone on cotton wool swabs. Tarnish removed with Duraglit silver polish wadding. Degreased using acetone on cotton wool. Protected with Goddards long term silver cloth. PREVIOUS TREATMEMENTS every 3 or 4 years:- Dirt and old lacquer removed using acetone or nitromors water soluble (methylene chloride, sodium hydroxide, cellulose). Washed in tap water and dried in acetone Polished with Duraglit silver polish wadding then with a soft cloth Degreased with acetone on cotton wool Protected with Frigilene (cellulose nitrate) lacquer.