Treatment date
12 October 1983

Reason for treatment
Permanent Exhibition

Treatment proposal
Req 12372. Clean

1983, Req 12372 Lacquered and tarnished.

Treatment details
1983, Req 12372; Old lacquer removed using acetone on cotton wool swabs Tarnish removed with Duraglit silver polish wadding. Degreased using acetone. Protected with Goddards long term silver cloth. 1977 -The handles were detached for analysis of the original solder by the Research Laboratory. -handles reattched using cotton wool pads soaked with pva emulsion. 15 MARCH 1962; Tarnish and encrustation removed using several solutions; 1, Local electrolytic reduction using 10% aqueous formic acid electrolyte on cotton wool swabs with a graphite anode, at 5 volts. 2, 5% aqueous ammonium thiosulphate 3, Hotel silver dip (acidified thiourea) Washed thoroughly in distilled water between each application of the different solutions. Dried through Industrial methylated spirits. PREVIOUS ROUTINE CLEANING (every 3 or 4 years) Dirt and old lacquer removed using acetone or nitromors water soluble (methylene chloride, sodium hydroxide, cellulose). Washed in tap water and dried in acetone. Polished with Duraglit silver polish wadding then with a soft cloth. Degreased with acetone on cotton wool swabs. Protected with Frigilene (cellulose nitrate) lacquer. HANDLES reattached with pads of cotton wool soaked in pva emulsion when they became loose or detached.