Treatment date
25 October 2010

Reason for treatment

Treatment proposal
Flake-lay, light clean, minor reshape.

Paint surface is sound except for minor lifting flakes of paint. Saturated appereance to paint and shiny exposed basketry.
Coated with dust.

Treatment details
Paint consolidated with Primal B60A (50% (w/v) in distilled water, applied with small brush beneath fragment, area wet with WS first. Fragment tapped down with cotton swab covered with PTFE tape, heated spatula was used (set at 40 C) to attatch 3 lifting flakes, heat applied through lens tissue.
Surface cleaned with soft brush and low power vacuum cleaner.
The rim of the basket was supported with a ring of Rigiline (100% polyester) boning, padded with cotton tape and polyester wadding.
The object was provided with a soft support made of cotton calico and silk Habutai and padded with polyester wadding and polyfelt.