Treatment date
27 October 2006

Reason for treatment
Permanent Exhibition

Treatment proposal
The object requires cleaning

The object was sound and stable, requires a light clean.
Mount object onto a card base.

Treatment details
The object was cleaned with dry brush with vacuum, then with wishab sponge and vacuum. The object was given an overall clean with saliva and deionised water. Stubborn areas were cleaned with a laponite poultice with a 5% solution of acetone applied over japanese tissue. These areas were then scrubbed with cotton wool swab and tooth brush dampened with deionized water. Any residual fibres on the surface were removed with a dry brush or Groomstick (modified natural rubber). A card base was secured to the bottom with HMG Paraloid B72 (methyl ethyl methacrlylate) and any gap between the base and the card were filled with 20% Paraloid B72 in acetone mixed with microballoons. The gap fills and the card were colored with acrylic paint.