Treatment date
5 April 2005

Reason for treatment
Temporary Exhibition

Treatment proposal
Clean. Reshape and pad in liaison with curator. Investigate carrying handle and rim, repair as appropriate.

Surface dusty. Basket slightly flattened. Paint loosely attached in places. Five strings on carrying strap severed, others on rim partially or completely boken, sometimes unwound.

Treatment details
Surface dust was removed by lightly brushing with a fine sable brush and vacuuming. Padded interior temporarily with thin 5mm Plastozote (polyethylene) foam to assist partial reshaping. The bag has been previously consolidation to secure paint layer with soluble nylon (object label /tag dated Oct. 1968). This former treatment has left the surface quite glossy, though the pigment is held securely in place.

The carrying handle has at least 11 number breaks within the knotted section. In order to join some of these breaks would have involve un-tying the knot, which in-turn would result in more breakages of the fragile staps. Without un-tying the knot re joining loose ends would be based on guess work and may hinder future repairs to the strings. There were two sections of string attached to the bag (unknotted section) which were too short to be rejoined.