Treatment date
22 March 2003

Reason for treatment

Treatment proposal
Remove blue tack.Reinforce tear. Secure loose rivet.

Surface scratched in some areas. Traces of blue tack present. Two pins present. A third hole is empty.The torn area has traces of a white material in it.this was tested with white spirit on bruch to see if it was the remains of silicon rubber. No effect of swelling was noted so it was not presumed to be remains of a moulding material.The white material was left in place in case it was evidence of the original material onto which the gold had been mounted. (The soil at Sutton Hoo is not chalk so it not as likely to be burial deposits).The patch was applied over the tear but the gold was not realigned because the white material would have had to be removed in order to achieve this.

Treatment details
Cleaned using Industrial methylated spirits (ethanol, methanol) applied on cotton wool swabs.Repaired using HMG adhesive (cellulose nitrate) reinforced using nylon gossamer tissue.Loose pin secured.Repaired using HMG adhesive (cellulose nitrate).