Treatment date
13 November 2003

Reason for treatment
Temporary Exhibition

Treatment proposal
Surface clean. Remove tarnish.

Light tarnish over whole surface, some more pronounced tarnish in areas such as handles, cracks etc. Four cracks in the flutes. There are tiny missing granules in two of these cracks and an area 3x2mm missing in one of the other cracks. The handles are fixed with HMG adhesive.

Treatment details
The inside surface was cleaned with Hotel silver dip (acidified thiourea) on a large soft hog's hair brush and rinsed immediately with copious amounts of running tap water. It was then steam-cleaned and dried with paper towels and a stream of warm air from a Leister hot air blower. The outside surface of the bowl was cleaned with large cotton wool swabs moistened with Silvo silver and chrome cleaner (cotton wadding,white spirit,Newburgh chalk,china clay), washed immediately with swabs of white spirit and finished with swabs of acetone.
The cracks were supported on the outside surface with strips of Nylon Gossamer and HMG heatproof and waterproof adhesive (cellulose nitrate).

The bowl was to go on exhibition for three months in 'Buried Treasure: Finding Our Past', followed by a UK tour at four venues for two years. The bowl was to be displayed containing a cast disc of polyester resin to imitate water. The disc was placed in the bowl with small strips of Melinex (polyester) between the resin and the silver at the points where they touched.