Treatment date
1 August 2002

Reason for treatment
Permanent Exhibition

Treatment proposal
Clean to remove dirt and tarnish and stabilise joins on coptic bowl.

The object is in good condition overall. There is dirt and dust on the surface of the object. The antique silver repairs are tarnished. There are some unstable joins. The bowl is supported on an internal perspex mount. The mount is attached to the bowl by three screws with bolts on the theree escutcheons. The head of the bolts are soldered to the back of the escutcheons. The bowl is suspended on display in the showcase by nylon filamant which is attached to the three rings of the escutcheons. This places unacceptable strain on vunerable parts of the object.

Treatment details
The dirt and dust was removed using a sable haired brush. The silver tarnish was removed using Duraglit metal polish (cotton wadding,white spirit,ammonium soap,china clay,Newburgh chalk). Any residues were removed using white spiirt and then Industrial methylated spirits (ethanol,methanol). Three vunerable joins were readhered using HMG heatproof and waterproof adhesive (cellulose nitrate) aand backed with nylon gossamer. The large crack along one side of the bowl was left unjoined. This was to prevent the object from becoming too rigid and unable to move thus potentially causing new breaks or damage. The old nylon filament was removed and replaced. The new nylon filament was not attached to the vulnerable rings of the object but attached to the bolts on the support frame of the object. The filament was knotted and adhered with HMG heatproof and waterproof adhesive (cellulose nitrate) for extra strength. To give the impression that the object was suspended from the rings fine nylon filament was used to attach the rings to the suspension threads.