Treatment date
22 February 2002

Reason for treatment

Treatment proposal
. . Clean . reattach any loose fragments. Check for physical stability. Consolidate friable areas.

2309 requisition details.Dusty 77313 Dusty, dirty. Areas of wood around perspex clips fragile.Loose or detached fragments of wood.Break edges fragile.

Treatment details
2309: Dusted with soft brush S.Dove 23.8.84 77313:Break edges,sub circular depressions on upper third of blade and wood consolidated using 2.5% Paraloid B72, ethyl methacrylate copolymer, in acetone/Industrial methylated spirits (ethanol,methanol), applied using brush. Paraloid B72 adhesive fed behind lifting wood and held in place while setting with a Berna clamp. Separated from support mount for travel,in an insulated and padded support. Ffurther consoidation carried out at loan venue before reattaching to mount.