Treatment date
28 September 2009

Reason for treatment

Treatment proposal
Examine, X-ray, clean, repair, stabilize, and repack as required.

The shield grip is in good condition overall. The object is lightly corroded and has an uneven surface with some raised blisters of orange and brown corrosion products. The grip is incomplete with missing areas and was in multiple fragments. The silver rivets are corroded with a heavy covering of silver chloride and silver sulphide corrosion products. The surface is covered with sandy soil from excavation. The organic remains of textile, leather and wood are largely mineralised.

Treatment details
The object was examined under the microscope at up to X100 magnification. The fragments were joined using HMG Paraloid B72 (methyl ethyl methacrlylate). The mineral preserved textile was cleaned using a scalpel and a wooden satay stick under magnification and then in the air abrasive using air only. The silver rivets were cleaned mechanically using a scalpel under magnification. The rivets were consolidated using 3% Paraloid B72 (ethyl methacrylate copolymer) in Industrial methylated spirits (ethanol,methanol) and Acetone (propan-1-one/dimethyl ketone). The organic remains were left in situ. The object was packed in plastazote and stored with silica gel as a desiccant in a sealed stewart box.

In Jan 2009 additionally fragments belonging to the shiled grip were located in another finds bag. These fragments were re-united with the object and the technical information sheet adjusted.