Treatment date
24 July 1981

Reason for treatment
Permanent Exhibition

Treatment proposal
Delacquer and clean.

Requisition: 12493. Lacquered,tarnished. Previously restored and dowelled. Comments: 1.The photographs available in Egyptian Antiquities show the figure in a variety of states including one without any gold on the skirt. Also the legs were previously soldered to the ankles. 2.The gold leaf and sheet had both been stuck back wuth modern adhesive indicating that they had fallen off during some previous treatm ent. HMN. 24.87.81

Treatment details
Lacquer removed Nitromors(methylene chloride). Wiped with acetone on cotton-wool swabs.Tarnish polished with polished with Duraglit silver polish wadding, old formulation (cotton wadding, white spirit, fatty acids, siliceous earth).Loose gold foil replaced with HMG adhesive (cellulose nitrate). Ankles restored and dowelled,restuck with Super-Epoxy adhesive. Repainted with flake silver and Frigilene (nitro-cellulose) and Flake silver and cryla varnish. Skirt,silver and gold leaf lacquered with Frigilene (nitrocellulose). Renumbered with black cryla colour.HMN 24.7.81