Treatment date
12 April 2000

Reason for treatment

Treatment proposal
readhere loose paint flakes and plaster fragments

loss of cohesion in intonaco and separating from ariccio in places. areas of flaking paint.

Treatment details
Powdery intonaco consolidared with 1% Paraloid B72 (ethyl methacrylate copolymer) in Acetone (propan-1-one/dimethyl ketone)/Industrial methylated spirits (ethanol,methanol). Readhered with 20%Vinamul 3252 (vinyl acetate,ethylene copolymer) in deionised water - prewetted with White Spirit (composition variable - petroleum distillate). Looose painyt flakes readhered wtih 5% Vinamul 3252 (vinyl acetate,ethylene copolymer) in deionised water, prewetting wit White Spirit (composition variable - petroleum distillate)