Treatment date
1 June 1997

Reason for treatment

Treatment proposal
Readhere loose paint flakes and plaster fragments L

Very fragile painting with paint-flakes detached from substrate in many areas. Fragments of intonaco detached from arricio along cracks and around edges. Previous consolidation has caused darkening where applied, and also worsened cupping of paint flakes where the treatment has failed. Material (synthetic polymer) used to fill cracks in previous treatment, has been smeared over the paint surface and has removed some pigment.

Treatment details
Areas of detached intonaco were re-secured after pre-consolidation using 1% Paraloid B72 (ethyl methacrylate copolymer) in Industrial methylated spirits (ethanol,methanol)/Acetone (propan-1-one/dimethyl ketone) with 10% Vinamul 3252 (vinyl acetate,ethylene copolymer). White spirit was first applied to the area to avoid staining and allow greater penetration of the adhesive (Microballoons (silica or phenolic resin) in 20% Paraloid B72 IMS/acetone was used as a mortar in one case to provide support). Paint flakes were generally readhered using a 5% solution of Vinamul 3252 in the same way, and pressed back through tissue. Pre-consolidation was used generally only for areas of paint surface that contained blue frit pigment.