Treatment date
25 May 1988

Reason for treatment
Permanent Exhibition

Treatment proposal
. Clean to remove tarnish,part of trial with zinc oxide. Req 35439 23.5.88

req 18345 1.2.83 (no req found). Tarnished. req 23006. 16.8.84 (no req found). Tarnish. req 35439 25.5.88 Slightly tarnished,old lacquer.

Treatment details
req 18345 polished with Goddards long term silver cloth. HMN req 23006 swabbed with Nitromors,methylene chloride, rinsed in tap water. dried on paper towel. Polished with Duraglit silver polish. Degreased with acetone lacquered with Frigilene. PMP. req 35439 washed in acetone applied on swabs. Gently polished with cotton wool. RRG.