Treatment date
10 June 2013

Reason for treatment

Treatment proposal
Secure nylon net by stitching so that it is less visible. Check size of handling board is suitable.

The sock is in a stable condition, having been recently conserved.

Treatment details
The sock was given a light vacuum clean to remove white surface fibres.

The cotton thread, which secured the nylon net together was removed and replaced with a less visually obtrusive, colour matched monofilament silk thread. The net was also stitched to the silk covered insert using one stitch only in order to hold it more closely to the surface of the sock.

A smaller support board was made as the previous board was made to a standardized size for storage. A sheet of Correx (polypropylene/polyethylene copolymer,coorugated sheet) was cut to size and the edges neatened with gummed linen tape. Vinamul 3252 (vinyl acetate,ethylene copolymer) was applied to the reverse side and allowed to dry. A piece of thin cotton domette and then a piece of cotton calico, dyed to a light beige colour, were stretched over the front of the board and heat sealed to the adhesive on the reverse. A panel of calico was also stitched to the reverse side for strength. The object registration number was written on a piece of cotton tape and stitched to the reverse side. The sock was placed on the board.