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incantation bowl

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    Pottery incantation bowl: a wheel-made hemispherical bowl with a simple rim. The base has been pared, and oblique strokes and scratches are visible. The bowl is inscribed in a spiral from the centre outwards. The Aramaic text based upon Aram Refrain A. No client is named in this incantation. The bowl has been repaired.


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    • 6thC-8thC
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  • Dimensions

    • Depth: 7.2 centimetres
    • Diameter: 17.3 centimetres
  • Inscriptions

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      • Inscription Transliteration

        (1) lyṭ hpykʾ hpykʾ hpykʾ hpykʾ hpykʾ hpykʾ (2) hpykʾ hpykʾ ʾrʿʾ wyšmyʾ hpyky kwkby wmzly (3) hpyky šwqy wbyrytʾ hpykʾ šʿtʾ dkwl bny ʾynšʾ hpykʾ (4) Iwṭtʾ dymʾ wybrth dkltʾ wyḥmth dgbry wynšy dqymyn bdbrʾ (5) wybmtʾ wybṭwrʾ wbyt ʾylhy wbyt knyštʾ ʾsyrʾ {w} wḥtymʾ lwṭtʾ dlṭt bšwm (6) bytyʾl wyqwtyʾl wbyšmyh dyyy rbʾ mlʾkh dytlyh ḥdʿšr šmyn sskbʾ kbbʾ (kny)brʾ sryʾ (7) syrʾdyʾ mryryʾ ʿnnyʾ btwqpʾ ʾnqpʾ ʾns psps kbyby bnwrʾ kwl mn dʿbr ʿl hlyn šmhtʾ (8) mlʾky ʾylyn ʾsyryn wyḥtymyn kwl šydyn wšwpṭyn wkwl dlrʿʾ qryh wkwl dlyšmyʾ mṣytʾ šmyt ql ʾrʿʾ (9) dqyqyh šmyh dy mqblʾ kwl nyšmtʾ myn hdyn ʿlmʾ šmʿyt qlh dyttʾ dlṭt wšdryt ʿlh mlʾkyn nkyr (10) nkyr nkyr nkyr yy nqwm nyqmt yy ngyl wngyl yy wss ṣṣṣ ṭymw ytyttʾ dlṭt wšdrw wḥbylw yth myn ʿnnyn dbrdʾ dlʾ (11) tyqwm wlʾ tylwṭ
        (transliteration after Segal 2000)
      • Inscription Translation

        (1) Accursed. Overturned overturned overturned overturned overturned overturned (2) overturned. Overturned be the earth and the heavens, overturned be the stars and the planets, (3) overturned be markets and streets, overturned be the hour of all human kind, overturned be (4) the curse of the mother and her daughter, of the daughter-in-law and her mother-in-law, of men and women who stand in the field (5) and in the town and in the mountain and temple and synagogue. Bound and sealed be the curse that she cursed. In the name of (6) Betiel and Yequtiel and in the name of the great YYY the angel that has eleven names SSKBʾ KBBʾ KNYBRʾ SRYʾ (7) SYRʾDYʾ MRYRYʾ ʿNNYʾ BTWQPʾ ʾNQPʾ ʾNS PSPS scorched in fire. Whoever transgresses against those names, (8) these angels -
        Bound and sealed are all demons and bands (of spirits), and all that is of the earth calls and all that is of the heavens hearkens.
        I heard the voice of the earth (9) DQYQYH is its name, receiving all souls from this world. I heard the voice of the woman who cursed and I sent against her angels, NKYR (10) NKYR NKYR NKYR, YY, take the vengeance of YY. We shall rejoice and we shall rejoice, YY, and SS ṢṢṢ ṬYMW, the woman who cursed. And they sent and injured her from clouds of hail that she may neither (11) avenge nor curse.
        (translation after Segal 2000)
      • Inscription Comment

        Inscribed in a spiral from the centre outwards.
  • Curator's comments

    Was previously sampled for a TL date

  • Bibliography

    • Segal 2000a 001A bibliographic details
    • Müller-Kessler C 2001/02 p. 119 bibliographic details
  • Location

    Not on display

  • Condition

    Fair; repaired.

  • Acquisition notes

    19th century big number implying this is from a Mesopotamian collection; big number sequence suggests that it is from either Rawlinson or Rassam.

  • Department

    Middle East

  • BM/Big number


  • Registration number


  • Additional IDs

    • 22 (exhibition number (black))
    • 882 (exhibition number (red))


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