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painting / handscroll

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    Painting, handscroll. Chinese-style landscape. Ink and light colour on paper. Inscribed. With paulownia storage box.

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    • 17thC(early)
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  • Dimensions

    • Height: 18.5 centimetres
    • Width: 1111.5 centimetres
  • Inscriptions

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      • Inscription Content

        此一本曽我真墨也 活動可愛同志者 知余言之不〓〔言偏に巫〕 安信證之
      • Inscription Comment

        By Kano Yasunobu
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        overlapping painting and inscription sheet
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      • Inscription Transliteration

  • Curator's comments

    Not Soga Jasoku; after Sesshu, also possibly after the style of Isshi Kii 一枝希維 (Sesshu's contemporary; see Zenrin Gasan), by a 17th century Kano-school artist (not Unkoku school); authentication by Kano Yasunobu, therefore probably several decades before him. Handscroll in KNM (Nihon no bijutsu, no. 100) also has authentication by Yasunobu, attributing to Sesshu. This latter is not Sesshu, but is probably by a contemporary. (Kawai, 8/2008)'touched with colour.' (unattributed annotation in the specially interleaved Japanese Study Room copy of Anderson 1886)


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    The collection of over 2,000 Japanese and Chinese paintings assembled by Prof. William Anderson during his residency in Japan, 1873-1880, was acquired by the Museum in 1881. The items were not listed in the register, but rather were published separately as the 'Descriptive and Historical Catalogue of a Collection of Japanese and Chinese Paintings in the British Museum' (Longmans & Co, 1886).

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  • Additional IDs

    • Jap.Ptg.351 (Japanese Painting Number)
Painting, handscroll. Chinese landscape. Ink and light colour on paper. Inscribed.

Painting, handscroll. Chinese landscape. Ink and light colour on paper. Inscribed.

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