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    Pottery: black-figured hydria. Designs in black on red panels, with borders of ivy down the sides and palmettes along the bottom; accessories of white and purple.
    1. On the shoulder: Pentathlon: On the left a pair of wrestlers with arms raised, about to engage; next, an akontistes to left with two spears in right hand and one in left, and a diskobolos to right, the diskos raised in both hands; in advance of him and looking back, an athlete with two leaping-poles in right hand. Next is a paidotribes (trainer) to right, with fillet, long chiton, and himation, in left hand a wand; on the right two runners to right. All the athletes are nude and beardless and wear fillets.
    2. On the body: Achilles slaying Troilos: On the left is the quadriga of Achilles, only the horses' heads and forelegs being visible; Achilles, bearded, with long tresses, fully armed, with a sword, and two spears in left hand, mounts the steps of the altar of Apollo, holding aloft in right hand the severed head of Troilos, which has long hair. On the altar lies the nude body, which two fully-armed warriors (probably Aeneas and Hector) are defending with their spears; one has the forepart of a lion to left as device on his shield, the other an ivy-wreath.


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    • 510BC-500BC (circa)
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    • Height: 53.34 centimetres
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    BM Cat. Vases

    De Witte, Descr. No. 143; Overbeck, Her.Bildw. p. 365; Schneider, Tro. Sagenkr. p. 130; Arch. Zeit. 1856, pl. 91, 3; Klein, Euphronios2, p. 234; Jahrb. für Class. Phil. Suppl. xi. p. 607; Marquardt, Pentathlon der Hellenen, p. 4.

  • Bibliography

    • Old Catalogue 473 bibliographic details
    • Vase B326 bibliographic details
    • CVA British Museum 6 III H e Pl.86, 2 bibliographic details
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    On display: G69/dc39

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    1980 5 Jun- 26 Oct, London, BM, The Ancient Olympic Games
    2008 17 Mar-17 Aug, Basel, 'Homer: The Myth of Troy in Poetry and Art'

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    Treatment date

    20 September 2006

    Reason for treatment


    Treatment proposal

    Stabilise, refill and retouch


    Object broken, restored, no major fragment missing. Some joins misaligned, some joins became unsafe, some fills irregular/ crumbly. Retouching not good.


    Some old firing scars. Shadows of decoration from neighbouring pots that came to lean against the object during firing are visible on black areas.

    Treatment details

    Reinforced unsafe joins by introducing a variety of concentrations of Paraloid B72 (ethyl methacrylate copolymer) in Acetone (propan-1-one/dimethyl ketone) using a micropipette, where needed. Smoothened/ improved shape of some fills using scalpel, abrasive paper. Refilled other fills with Modostuc filler. Painted fills with Golden Acrylic colours by brush. Removed overpaint on some small chips/ scratches using acetone on cotton wool swabs or manually with toothpick.

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    Greek & Roman Antiquities

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Pottery: black-figured hydria (water-jar): The Death of Troilos. Achilles is about to throw Troilos' severed head into the city of Troy.

Pottery: black-figured hydria (water-jar): The Death of Troilos. Achilles is about to throw Troilos' severed head into the city of Troy.

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