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A Sequel to the Knights of Baythe, or the One Headed Corporation

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    • A Sequel to the Knights of Baythe, or the One Headed Corporation
  • Description

    Satire on the loyal address of the Corporation of the City of Bath in response to the Peace of Paris, published as an immediate response to BM Satires 4059. On the left, Temple, Pitt, Newcastle (or possibly Ligonier, as identified by Stephens), Sir John Sebright, in the costume of Falstaff, and Charles Churchill stand beside Wilkes who draws aside a curtain to reveal Ralph Allen (identified by a raven and postboy on his head). Allen is supported by a devil and an official (?) in uniform and is urged forward by a devilish Lord Bute. Allen says "An Adequate Peace, merits and Adequate Address" and with his right hand gestures towards a blank sheet of paper on which a fox-headed Bishop Warburton prepares to write the Corporation Address to Allen's dictation. Warburton raises his left hand as if in blessing. To the right, stand members of the Corporation, with grotesque or animal heads as seen in the earlier print: a bookseller; an apothecary; Mr Abel Moysey represented as an ass, who is embraced by Mr Ford, landlord of the Greyhound Inn, represented as a greyhound; Mr Clutterbuck, the town clerk; Mr Cooper; a lawyer or clergyman. 1763


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    • 1763
  • Materials

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  • Dimensions

    • Height: 227 millimetres (trimmed)
    • Width: 383 millimetres (trimmed)
    • Height: 197 millimetres (image)
    • Width: 377 millimetres (image)
  • Inscriptions

      • Inscription Content

        Lettered with the title, captions in the image, twelve lines of verse in three columns 'See Liberty's Champions still Loyal and true ... A Peace that is patch'd should have patch'd up Addresses.' and 'Price 1[...]'; annotated in ink on the recto 'Ld Temple / W. Pitt / Ld Ligonier / Sir J. Sebright / Churchill / Wilkes / Ralph Allen / Lord Bute / Bp Warburton / Maysey / Ford of the Greyhound Inn / Bath address 28 May. 1763'.
  • Curator's comments

    The print mocks the wording of the Address: " We, the Mayor, Aldermen, and Common Council of the ancient and loyal city of Bath, do beg leave to congratulate, and most humbly to thank vour Majesty for an ADEQUATE and advantageous peace, which you have graciously procured for your people, after a long and very expensive, though necessary and glorious war, which your Majesty, upon your accession to the throne, found your kingdoms engaged in."
    Pitt and Sebright were the MPs for Bath; Sebright had succeeded Ligonier, commander in chief of the army, on his elevation to the House of Lords at the end of the Seven Years War. Warburton married Ralph Allen's favourite niece in 1745 and thereafter spent much time at Prior Park, Allen's house at Bath; he was raised to the bishopric through the influence of Allen and of Pitt.
    The devil and facial types, particularly that of Bute, are reminiscent of those in satires by Jefferyes Hamett O'Neale. The verses allude to "A Peace that is patch'd ..." echoing the pseudonymous "Patchpeace" named as designer of O'Neale's "Proclamation of Proclamations" (BM Satire 4007).


  • Bibliography

    • BM Satires 4060 bibliographic details
  • Location

    Satires British Unmounted Roy

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    • Associated Event: Seven Years War
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    Prints & Drawings

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