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Landscape 山水

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    • Landscape 山水
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    Album leaf. Landscape. Lake surrounded by trees,with figure in boat. Inscription and colophons. Inscription acknowledges that this painting is copying the style of Mi Fei (1051-1107), which can be seen in the large wet dots and soft outline of the rocks. Ink and colours on paper.

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    • 1650
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        鈐印:王澐之印(Wang Yun zhiyin)。
      • Inscription Comment

        Inscription on mounting with seal carved in intaglio (白文).
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        鈐印:施霖印(Shi Lin yin)、施雨咸(Shi Yuxian)、秋枚(Qiumei)。
      • Inscription Comment

        3 seals. 1: inatglio (白文). 2: intaglio (白文). 3: relief (朱文).
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        鈐印:朱氏錫鬯(Zhushi Xichang)、秀水(Xiushui)、我生之年歲在屠維大荒落月在橘壯十四日癸酉時(Wo sheng zhi niansui zai tuwei dahuang luoyue zai juzhuang shisi ri gui you shi)。
      • Inscription Comment

        Inscription with 3 seals. 1: intaglio (白文). 2: relief (朱文). 3: relief (朱文).
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  • Curator's comments

    The album format differed considerably from both the hanging scroll and handscroll in containing a series of intimate paintings in folding leaves. These were often by different artists or by a single artist. The present album contains eight leaves painted by six different artists for Zhou Lianggong, an official, writer and connoisseur of considerable repute. This album was one of a collection of albums Zhou made during the course of his journeys when friends presented him with paintings and others added poems and inscriptions to the paintings he already had. Zhou Lianggong was the author of a work entitled Record of Reading Paintings (Duhua lu) in which he wrote brief biographical sketches of contemporary artists he knew. He made frequent references to the paintings by these artists which he had in his collection of albums. Although this album has been remounted since the seventeenth century, the original silk borders have been retained to preserve the numerous inscriptions.

    Chen Hongshou was better known as a figure painter, in the style of the fourth-century master Gu Kaizhi. His figure paintings were often based on historical or Buddhist subjects. He also painted flowers and designed woodblock illustrations.


  • Bibliography

    • Suzuki 1982 E15-225-2 bibliographic details
  • Exhibition history


    1996 23 Oct-21 Dec, China Institute in America, 'The Life of a Patron: Zhou Lianggong (1612-1672) and the Painters of Seventeenth-Century China'

    2014 3 Apr-31 Aug, BM Gallery 91, 'Gems of Chinese painting: a voyage along the Yangzi River'

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    • Ch.Ptg.Add.348 (Chinese Painting Additional Number)
COMPASS Title: Eight album leaves dedicated to Zhou Liangging, paintings in ink and colour on paper


COMPASS Title: Eight album leaves dedicated to Zhou Liangging, paintings in ink and colour on paper

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