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Exhibition of the Times, consisting of Emblems & Caricatures, original, political, humourous and satirical ... Plate the Second

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    • Exhibition of the Times, consisting of Emblems & Caricatures, original, political, humourous and satirical ... Plate the Second
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    Title and imprint as BMSat 7328. The arrangement follows that of BMSat 7328, except that there are fourteen instead of thirteen objects or groups.
    [1] 'THE BULSE'. (See BMSat 6966.) George III (half length) leans backwards with closed eyes, rays from a large diamond striking his face. Behind the diamond are clouds inscribed 'Crimes'. He holds the sword of Justice whose blade is struck and bent backwards by rays from the diamonds. Inscription:

    'The Bulse with brilliance fine,
    Perception doth outshine.'

    [2] 'ATTRACTION'. A woman's leg wearing a shoe and clocked stocking and a garter inscribed 'above'.
    [3] 'MATURE PLAYTHINGS'. A trophy of coronets, a staff of office, a star and entwined ribbons inscribed 'Thistle', 'Patrick', 'Garter', 'Bath', and a key, either of the Treasury or 'back-stairs' (cf. BMSats 6378, 6564). The whole is supported on a ribbon inscribed 'Honi. soil. qui. mal. y. pense'. Inscription :

    'Dignities unearn'd but defame,
    Merit alone preserves the name.'

    [4] 'DR. BROOKES'S ELBOW GREASE'. A dice-box with two dice. An emblem of the gaming at Brooks's, cf. BMSat 6013.
    [5] 'THE HUMBUG'. A bottle labelled 'Decoction of Catswiskers'. Inscription:

    'Fit for every body to take but two.
    The crafty Doctor and his Dog ne'er do take,
    The Nostrum invented for the People's sake.'

    [6] 'ROYAL CIRCUS'. A waning moon in which is the profile head of George III.
    [7] 'PRIVATE THEATRICALS' (cf. BMSat 7215). A petticoat and pair of breeches.
    [8] 'OPERA FAN'. A fan on which a cock and hen are depicted conceals the heads of a man and woman whose hair and head-dress appear above it.
    [9] 'STATE PAPERS'. Four Court cards: The King of Diamonds (George III), the King of Hearts (? Prince of Wales), the Knave of Clubs (Pitt holding a key, presumably the key of the back-stairs, see BMSat 6564, &c), the Knave of Diamonds (Thurlow holding the sword of Justice, reversed).
    At this time diamonds indicate bribery by Hastings, cf. BMSat 6966, &c.
    [10] 'TREASURY SAVEALL'. An implement resembling a gridiron (cf. BMSat 6965, &c.) on whose handle is the profile head of Pitt. Inscription: This thing to keep in order so much does cost, That the savings are exceeded by the Cost. Presumably an allusion to Pitt's sinking fund, see No. 7551, &c.
    [11] 'KNIGHTWOOD'. A face whose eyes are covered by a nightcap. Inscription:

    'When Titles addressers do invite
    To their understanding it's good night.'

    [12] 'NEUTER GENDER'. A man holding disconsolately his queue of hair which has been cut off.
    [13] 'ANODYNE NECKLACE'. A noose of rope.
    [14] 'DEFINITIVE ARTICLES'. A trophy composed of cannon, pikes, swords, drums, &c, with a French flag. Inscription:

    'When jealous doubts between two crowns obtain,
    These well known Articles with force explain.'
    Several inscriptions are not here transcribed. 30 May 1788


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    • 1788
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    • Height: 216 millimetres
    • Width: 388 millimetres
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        Lettered with title, text in image and publication details: "Pubd by W.Dent May 30th 1788 / Sold by W.Dickie, opposite Exeter Change, Strand and W.Moore, No.48 New Bond Street London"
  • Bibliography

    • BM Satires 7329 bibliographic details
  • Location

    Not on display (British XVIIIc Unmounted Roy)

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    Prints & Drawings

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FOR DESCRIPTION SEE GEORGE (BMSat). 30 May 1788  Etching


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