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    Papyrus codex leaf bearing Sahidic Coptic script on both sides; 21 lines on one side, written along the fibres, and 21 lines against the fibres. On the verso, there are also 5 lines of Coptic text in another hand in the right hand margine (possibly glosses?). The text contains a narration of miracles attributed to Shenoute.


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    • 7thC
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  • Dimensions

    • Length: 23 centimetres (frame)
    • Width: 18.5 centimetres (frame)
    • Height: 20.2 centimetres (papyrus)
    • Width: 13.3 centimetres (papyrus)
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        . .. Now when we had finished praying, look, someone touched me. I thought that it was the hand of the Son of God. He said to me: 'Shenute, do not fear, but trust in the Lord. It is he who will take care for you and he will never abandon you.' He said to me: 'Send the brother to bring bread for the men so they may eat.' I turned round, but I did not see him. We prayed and sent the brother. When he opened the door, we found one hundred artabae pouring on us. We were very happy and we blessed Jesus, who is always beneficent to his servants. We brought five artabae [from there].
      • Inscription Comment

        One hundred artabae is a measure of grain volume, equivalent to c. 30 kg.
  • Curator's comments

    Based on similaries with episodes in the Life of Shenoute, Birger Pearson attributed the work to the vita tradition (1989). In their edition, Behlmer and Alcock (1996) identify the narrative as a pseudepigraphic discourse of Shenoute; see Emmel 2004, for the identification of the beginning of a work of Shenoute, You Know, O Brethren.


  • Bibliography

    • Behlmer & Alcock 1996 bibliographic details
    • Emmel 2004 1:381, 2:683, 2:996 bibliographic details
    • Trismegistos 108324 ( bibliographic details
    • Providence 1989 no. 148 bibliographic details
    • Strudwick 2006 p.328 bibliographic details
  • Location

    Not on display

  • Condition

    Papyrus Survey: Condition Details: Papyrus Black ink Checked for loan USA 1989 Mount Details: Sandwich: glass Binding: self adhesive tape Object Priority: A Mount Priority: A Overall Condition: B Curatorial condition comment: incomplete/fragmentary

  • Associated titles

    • Associated Title: Life of Shenoute
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  • Department

    Ancient Egypt & Sudan

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  • Additional IDs

    • Page 11-12
    • Tattam nos 3-4
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